New York 1948

Eftirfarandi texti er á bakhlið þessarar myndar ég læt hann fylgja með orðrétt  á ensku og hann birtist.

This text is on the back of the photo.


New York -- Believed to be the Tallest man on eart,Johann Petursson
of Iceland,who reaches the amazing height of 8 feet,8 inches,weighs
425 pounds, and is 35 ears old,is shown being measured for a full dress
suit at Brooks Uniform Company.  Petursson came to U.S. from his native Iceland to appear in the Ringling
Brothers Circus.  Gertrude Aronoff, seated atop ladder,takes down the giant measurements
as Danny Farkash (Upper right) and Dave Bookmann, (Lower left)
measures Peturson arms and leg.  (N-3-30-48) Photo by Hans Reinhart. (FAB)

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